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ETL with Informatica Powercenter

Today, more than ever, data drives business. Accurate, actionable data can make the difference between leading the pack and being left behind.

The problem is, your data is strewn about between dissimilar systems, and none of them play nicely with the others. Or perhaps you're installing a new application and want to migrate your data from legacy systems into the new one. Informatica Powercenter excels at these tasks.

Powercenter knows data. It makes Oracle talk to SQL Server, Access and Excel talk with mainframe data, it makes everybody play nice! It has facilities to schedule transformations to run regularly, or on an event driven basis. When it comes to moving data, nothing beats Powercenter. With facilities for calling shell scripts and database stored procedures, there's nothing it can't do.

If your company has invested in its data by purchasing Informatica Powermart or Powercenter and now needs help getting started, give us a call. With decades of database experience and years hands on with Powermart/Powercenter, we can get your project moving quickly.