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As a small business person, you've got a lot on your mind.  Questions abound.  How do I find new clients?  How do I optimize my revenues?  How can I make my business unique from others?  What obstacles are there to my success?  How do I avoid them?  What legal issues are waiting to bite me?  How can I expand?  How can I find employees who are even remotely as motivated as I am?  Who can I trust?

With so many issues and questions it's a wonder you're ever able to focus on the primary function of your business.  But, that is what you need to be doing.  You need to focus on what you do well; on making money.

Do you also have the time and expertise to focus on your IT needs?   Would you want to, even if you did?  That wouldn't be the most effective use of your resources.  You could also perform all of your own legal, accounting, advertising, IT, and janitorial work, but why?

National statistics show the average business spends 25% of its budget on IT and related expenses.  (This includes staffing, equipment, software, and communications costs).  Even if you tried to follow this trend in house, what would you end up with? If you have a staff of 3 or 4 people, you'd hire one person to handle the IT issues. 

What's the likelihood that you'll find one person with the right combination of IT experience to be able to handle the whole spectrum of your needs?   That individual would need to know about hardware, software, operating systems, databases, web sites, and more.  How much do you suppose you'd have to offer such a person even if you could find them?  With today's high tech market the way it is, how long do you suppose that person would stick around?  Furthermore, how much work would you have for them?  Would you keep them busy enough to justify the full time salary?

As you can see it quickly turns into quite a headache.  That's where we come in.

We have seasoned, successful IT professionals at our disposal.   We put them at your disposal.  We have the time and inclination to follow the trends and keep ourselves up to date on new hardware and software.  We know about servers and workstations, networks and gateways, databases and web sites - so you don't have to.  With us, you pay only for the time we do work - so you won't have to worry about keeping us busy, or getting your money's worth.  Truly the best thing about using our services is that you get leading edge professionals with proven experience and success - just like the big companies with large resources. 

We help you stay focused on the big picture and level the playing field.

Pretty nice, huh?  It beats the heck out of having your secretary's 14 year old son be your IT department.  Give us a call and let's talk about how to make your business more effective.