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Why use a web host?

In a way, a web host is like the dry cleaner.  There's nothing the dry cleaner does that you can't do.  You could go out and buy the equipment and chemicals and dry clean your clothes yourself.  But why would you want to?  It would take a fair amount of money and time and you'd have to climb the learning curve. 

Hosting a web site is like that.  To host a web site, you need a fast connection to the internet, a server, the appropriate server software, and the expertise to configure and maintain everything.  If you wanted to do it yourself on a budget, you could run these things on your home PC - but then you'd have the worries about how secure your private data is, making sure the PC is available 24/7, etc.  Why bother with it all?

Truly, having an expert host your site is just too cheap to pass up.  Starting at around $8 a month, it's a bargain!  You take your clothes to the dry cleaner because it's effective and economical.  It's the same with web hosting.  Give it a try!