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Why have a website?

There are all kinds of good reasons to have a web site. E-commerce and corporate presence are two of the biggest reasons for businesses.  For individuals, the reasons range from self expression, sharing family photos and updates, to learning new skills. 

As a business, you want to make yourself as easy to find as possible.  Many people nowadays look first on the web for solutions to needs and problems.  If you have a web site describing your products and services you'll be easier to find.  At a minimum, business sites should describe the company, introduce general product information, and include contact information, including E-Mail addresses of sales and support staff.

Individuals like personal web sites because it's a great way to express their individuality and creativity.  Here is your forum to say what you want to as many people as want to listen.  Many people like it as a way to keep distant family members up to date on happenings, current photos, etc.