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Why use Morgan Systems for hosting?

Probably the best reason to use us for your web hosting is that we're just as excited about the web and trying new things as you are.  Unlike larger hosts, we're truly interested in seeing your site succeed.  If you have a problem or question, we will respond quickly and work with you to resolve it.  We don't have a staff of young inexperienced people running the servers and responding to our users.  Instead, your issues will be addressed by a seasoned professional in a courteous manner.

We don't sell your information.
We don't even give it away.  We treat our relationship with respect.  You won't find that we've given your email address to a spammer, or to anyone else. 

What's ours is yours.
As we develop new features, we make them available to you.  We won't hold you up for extra money every time you turn around.  Would you like to add a guest book to your site?  We've got a template for that - we can even help you out.  How about creating an opt-in/opt-out mailing list with you as the moderator?  We can do that.  We'll give you the first one for free - along with your web site.  What if you want a database connection for your site?  No problem; no charge.  You'll even get service with a smile!

Is our pricing fair?
You tell us!  Truly, you can find some cheaper hosts out there.  But what will you get?  We're not trying to be the absolute rock bottom cheapest host.  If we did that, we wouldn't be able to offer the level of service that we do.

There are services which will host your site for free.  Of course, they will place banner ads in your pages, put excessive limits on how much space and bandwidth you can use, and won't support many of the technologies we do.  If these things aren't important to you, and price is your only consideration, drop us an email and we'll give you some suggestions about where to find them.

There are others that may beat our price by as little as 50 cents a month.  Now you've got to compare features and figure out which best suits your needs.  So, if you're looking at one of those guys, ask yourself this: for that price, will they support ASP?  CGI?  Cold Fusion?  Front Page 2000 Server Extensions?  Will they give me access to a SQL database?  Can I have ODBC connections?  Can I get to my log data?  Will they give me email aliases?  If so, how many?  Do they include access to a Web based e-mail server?  Will my site be jammed on a server that hosts thousands of other sites and is constantly busy?  Most importantly, if I email them with a question or problem, how long will it take them to respond?

We hope you'll agree our pricing is cheap and fair.  Our base rate is $10 a month, but if you pay in advance for a year you get it for under $8 a month.  It costs more to see a movie!

Thanks for your interest and good luck with your site!