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Bind Bad transfer

Bind bad zone transfer request
Re: bind9 returns "bad zone transfer request non-authoritative zone (NOTAUTH)"
Resolution: stop, restart all bind instances

This is just a quick note about one possible reason you may receive this error. If you create a new zone, then attempt to transfer to other machines, and get an error like this in the log - check that you do not have more than one instance of bind (named) running.

In my case I somehow managed to end up with 2 instances running - so every time I re-applied my changes one instance accepted the changes but the other did not. The slaves were apparently contacting the one that did not have the new zone.

Use your appropriate version of ps to get a list of processes matching named. For me, this seems to work:

ps aexg | grep named

Better yet, if you have Webmin, use its "running processes" module and search the page for the word "named".

If you find this helpful, please take a moment to drop me a message using the form below. Good luck!


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