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OWC/SQL Server Interaction

Re: OWC errs with OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services cube file cannot be opened for writing
Resolution: Check Permissions

This note is more a footnote than anything, and really doesn't answer the question "Why am I getting this error" but should provide some help with how to troubleshoot.

I was attempting to pass a recordset to OWC to create a chart. I had already successfully used the recordset to write an HTML table. When making the call to OWC (10 or 11) I got something like the error above.

The same code ran successfully on another server. The difference between the two servers is that one has SQL server installed and the other doesn't (or, only has the client piece of SQL installed). The one with SQL server would not run the code, but the one without would.

In experimenting, I tried giving "Everyone" write permissions to the directory indicated. That didn't fix it. Later I re-configured IIS to not allow anonymous access - that's what fixed it.

Also interesting here is the error message indicates OLEDB for Analysis services - but I don't have analysis services installed. Weird.

So, as I said, this isn't really a solution to the problem - just a footnote about how to get around it or at least to being troubleshooting. I hope you find this helpful...


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