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Manage your ZMailer MTA via the Web

ZMailer Web Tools

Last Updated 11 Oct 2005

This is a first stab at providing a web based interface to review and maintain your ZMailer MTA installation. It is NOT thoroughly tested, so use at your own risk. Briefly tested on Epiphany, FireFox, Galeon, and IE.


  • Adds a menu/navigation structure to the 3 php files long included in the zmailer installation
  • Config file editor
  • Auto refresh on mailq pages
  • Action menu with "rebuild policy" and "reload zmailer" options
  • "Drill to Message Body" from mailq-v
  • mailq links to reroute/expire queue entries
  • quick and dirty (netstat based) connection viewer

Assumptions: You have apache, PHP, sudo, (and of course ZMailer) installed. You will be running this on the same machine on which ZMailer is installed.

Current Version: 0.12

Download: Version 0.12 revised 10/10/2005.
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