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eGroupWare IMAP & PHP Notes

eGroupWare/IMAPS Troubleshooting
Re: eGroupWare/IMAPS Troubleshooting

A few notes when troubleshooting eGroupWare/IMAP interactions.

imapd[22351]: Login disabled user=

The example above is from the syslog of the remote IMAP server when:

  1. eGroupWare attempts to login
  2. eGroupWare using IMAP NOT in SSL/TLS mode
  3. remote IMAP server requires SSL/TLS
imap_last_error: [Server disables LOGIN, no recognized SASL authenticator] tried RH bug recovery?: [1]

This error is generated by eGroupWare when attempting to access an IMAP account when:

  1. eGroupWare using IMAPs (SSL/TLS mode)
  2. PHP is not configured with IMAPS support


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